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The World BPO/ITO Forum is an exclusive invitation-only event for C-level executives and decision-makers of U.S. enterprise companies who are currently using
�or are interested in evaluating �global sourcing opportunities and cloud services.
Health, Sensors, Wearables and the Internet of Things
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Presented by:
Stuart Crawford
VP Algorithms, JAWBONE
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Conference Overview
7th Annual World BPO/ITO Forum
Smartsourcing: Strategies for Success
Theme: Re-inventing Global Sourcing - Cloud, Mobile & Social
We are living through a sea of change in sourcing strategy. While it has taken longer than we anticipated for web services and a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to become a practical reality, the impact is proving to be quite extraordinary. And where ITO goes today, BPO will surely follow¡­.. The impact of this shift can be truly game changing ¨C business agility through faster outcomes, less capital investment, greater flexibility, escape from the treadmill of software version upgrades, and a technology catalyst for introducing business process best practices.
The buyer has to be even smarter ¨C orchestrating multiple boutique suppliers. Hybrid solutions are becoming commonplace. Your partner / supplier companies each have their own operating system that they want to leverage across their multiple customers, so your organization has to act as a sort of ¡°hypervisor¡± in order to get them all to work together.
This is where the World BPO/ITO Forum makes a real difference ¡ª by enabling buyers and sellers of services to meet each other, and by encouraging experts to share insights in a friendly environment.
Conference Guide
Conference Addendum
Why you should attend
WBPO/ITO Forum is the only off-shoring thought-leadership forum designed for mid to large-cap U.S. companies
Learn what works and what doesn't in a multi-vendor environment
Hear real life case studies and insights from global leaders
Build valuable global relationships with the right partners
Discuss many near-shoring and far-shoring solutions in the Country and sponsor Pavilion
Who will attend
COO/Head of Operations
CFO/Head of Finance
SVP/VP of Sourcing
Business-unit Head/ General Manager
SVP/VP of Vendor Management
Why this event is important for the industry
Many companies are seeking the right commercial partnerships and operating model to reap the full potential from a successful global sourcing arrangement. It is vital for companies to get this right the first time around, and cannot afford to make strategic missteps which can cost millions of dollars. Companies cannot afford to make mistakes, and must learn quickly from the experience of others in order to gain and retain competitive advantage (edit by Henrik Karlsson). The World BPO/ITO Forum facilitates these important discussions by enabling buyers and sellers of BPO and ITO services to meet each other, and hear best practices and lessons learned from experts and global leaders in a friendly environment.
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The Global Sourcing and Cloud Summit Presented by The World BPO/ITO Forum
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