Sic Bo – A Look At This Popular Online Casino Game

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Sic Bo, also called Tai Sao, di siu, data, tai chi or sic chee, is a game of luck of ancient Chinese origin usually played with two dice. Chuck-a-Luck and grand hazard are common variants, both of an English origin.
The literal meaning of sic bo means “small dice” while dai in and sic chee means “large [or} small dice”. Sic Bo is the most popular game in China, where it is often played outdoors on the grass during summer and autumn and often at weddings and parties.

Odds of Winning

Today, the odds of winning at any Sic Bo game are computed using different methods based on the odds of various game versions. These methods include the traditional Chinese method of laying out the numbers and using specific patterns to determine which card is next, followed by applying basic probability theory. However, even with these methods, there are still some differences in the payout and odds between online and live casinos.

Placing the Bets

Placing the Bets

All players start with ten marks in most casinos, and the house takes the final twenty marks. When making a wager, each player simultaneously rolls three dice and places their bets. Once all players have rolled their dice, the dealer then reveals the hand that has been kept. After the house has been paid, the player with the highest score has their hand, while all others lose their bets.

Online Sic Bo games are played using the same system, with one exception – the initial bet is reduced by fifty per cent (rounding up) to give the house advantage. Each participant makes a single “buy-in” when starting, and all subsequent bets are added in increments of five. Players can make as many small “buy-ins” as they like, up to a maximum of fifty.

The total number of big bets a player makes is limited to the amount of money in their playing account, plus the maximum amount they can wager over their playing account. No player can increase their bet beyond the maximum amount as determined by the house. Additionally, all bets are rounded up to the nearest whole bet.


The game comes with an online Sic Bo video download, which can be loaded onto a personal computer or laptop if the player wishes to play sic online. Software providers typically include a tutorial that guides players through the basics of playing the game. The tutorial also explains the mechanics of the game.

Using Statistics

Using Statistics

Another great benefit of playing online casinos with Sic Bo is that players can use their knowledge of statistics to determine the best times to place their bets. The statistics used to determine the odds of winning help determine the amount of money that should be placed on a particular player or on a particular combination of players.

The Odds

In addition, some online casinos allow players to use different odds systems to determine their odds of winning, which can make for interesting decisions when it comes to laying down money and placing bets.
Because Sic Bo is played via the Internet, players need to know how the odds of the game work. As is the case with all online gambling games, they can be played for free. Some websites offer top offers for players who wish to wager real money.

Sic Bo Offers

The top offers for Sic Bo tend to only last for a short time and have high ticket costs. Some websites also have offers that involve using points or bonuses in order to play, which can be beneficial if one desires to play more than one table game. It is essential to keep in mind that if you choose to gamble over the internet, you will be taking a significant risk by placing your money with an unknown website or dealer.

Do Your Research

If you are interested in online casinos offering Sic Bo, make sure to seek reviews and opinions about these options. This will help to ensure that make the right decisions regarding which Sic Bo game you choose to play and which casinos to avoid at all costs.

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