Seven Different Gamblers

Casino Players

● Conventional gamblers- Conventional gamblers are the tourists who visit casinos for the first time who had “visit the casinos” on their bucket list.
● Casual social gamblers- People who are young and successful visit casinos to socialize.
● Serious social gamblers are the people who are deep into learning the game and winning significant amounts from games.
● Escape gamblers- These are the gamblers who visit casinos to bring them out of depression.
● Personality gamblers-These gamblers are the cheaters who try to cheat often in games and get banned.
● Compulsive gamblers-These are the addictive ones who have no hope in their lives except gambling. They invest all their money into these games.
● Professional gamblers: The pros who teach discipline, strategies, money management, and patience, which requires winning games, inspire young gamblers.

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